Explore the Extended Collection


In addition to the Permanent Collection, which contains only those pieces donated to and owned by the Town of Summerville, Sculpture in the South encourages individuals, businesses, corporations and other government entities to include sculpture as part of their presence in the community. Sculpture in the South facilitates purchases for the Extended Collection through affiliated and non-affiliated artists, always encouraging quality and beauty. Affiliated artists are those who have shown at the annual Show & Sale and the organization itself only purchases from those sculptors.

This “Extended Sculpture Collection” encourages more public interaction with this art form. Three installations are depicted below.

Other local installations by artists affiliated with Sculpture in the South include They are Waiting by Nnamdi Okonkwo at The Ponds development, Summerville, SC, and Winnowing Hands by Shirley McWhorter-Moss at The Market at Oakland, Mount Pleasant, SC.

For information regarding the installation and purchase of sculpture, please call our office at 843-851-7800 or request information on our Contact form.

General Francis Marion

Commissioned for a Berkeley County government office building, Francis Marion, known as the “Swamp Fox” was a hero of the Revolutionary War in South Carolina and was born in Berkeley County. Artist Garland Weeks is meticulous in his accurate portrayal of historical details, but in this case was challenged because there is no known painting or sketch of the General, so he had to rely on written physical descriptions of Marion. This bronze is a fine example of art presenting history, with the inclusion of the sweet potatoes on which Marion and his troops survived during the war. Nationally acclaimed, Weeks has sculpture in the permanent collection of Buckingham Palace.

Queen of the Serengeti

This beautiful mother lion and her cub were the first members of a pride of lions to be installed at the entrance to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC, to greet visitors as they get their first glimpse inside the zoo. The “Queen of the Serengeti” was purchased and donated through the efforts of friends of the zoo to highlight the beauty and interdependence of all living creatures. Multiple participants at Sculpture in the South shows, McClesky and Scott also created the Wofford College Terrier, which stands proudly in front of the Campus Life Building.

Catch and Release

This bronze sculpture is located in the children’s area of the George H. Seago branch of the Dorchester County Library in Summerville, SC. Ed and Diane Roth, and her twin brother Charles Hass, purchased the figure in honor of their parents Phil and Opal Hass. Sculpture in the South facilitated the purchase and the placement of the sculpture by Vala Ola, a native of Iceland.